1-Marmaray is a railway line connecting the Asian and European sides of Istanbul and passing under the Bosphorus.

2-With a 76-kilometer railway between Halkalı and Gebze, it was aimed to ease the transportation in the Bosphorus.

3-The Marmaray Tunnel connects the separation in Anatolia, Kazlıçeşme in Europe.

4-The Marmaray Project has 1.4 kilometers of immersed tube tunnels, 9.4 kilometers of bored tunnels and 2.4 kilometers of cut and cover tunnels.

5-It also consists of 3 new underground stations, 37 aboveground stations, operation control centers, fields, workshops, maintenance facilities, a new 3 floors built above the ground, and modern railway vehicles consisting of 440 wagons supplied.

6- The rail tube tunnel passage and stations stage of the project were put into use in 2013.

7- For Marmaray Tunnel, 38 pieces of 10 wagons and 12 wagons of 5 wagons; In total, 50 suburban train sets with 440 cars were brought from South Korea.

8- The first plans for the Marmaray project were brought to the agenda by Sultan Abdülmecit in the 1860s.

9- The second Abdülhamit period was designed. The project, which was thought as Tunel-i Bahri and planned to be built by American engineers in 1902, was considered between Salacak-Sarayburnu.

10-After the wider feasibility studies of 1987, the project phase was finished in 1998 and the construction started in 2004.

11- In 2005, archaeological remains belonging to the Byzantine Empire period were found on the European side of the Bosphorus. For this reason, the tunnel construction was completed 4 years later.

12-During the construction of the tunnel, the project was completed with minimal damage to the archaeological remains.

13- The artifacts extracted are exhibited in the Yenikapı Museum. and work; Footprints dating back 8,500 years have been found.

14- With the project, the Marmaray Tube Crossing was connected to the Istanbul Metro, shortening the transportation time of 1.2 million people and saving energy and time.

15- With the decrease in the use of motorized vehicles, the quality of inhaled air has been improved.

16- With the project, the traffic load on the 15 July Martyrs Bridge and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge has been reduced.

17- The project was planned to be 76 kilometers long with land legs.

18- The Marmaray Tube Crossing System, which was combined with railways on different continents, is the deepest immersed tunnel in the world at a depth of 60.46 meters.

19- The lifetime of the project is predicted to be 100 years.

20- With the Marmaray Project, the Bosphorus crossing, namely the distance between Yenikapı and Üsküdar, has decreased to a period of 2 minutes.


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