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1- It is in Derinkuyu district, on the Nevşehir-Niğde highway and 30 […]
The Museum of Anatolian Civilizations consists of two Ottoman buildings in the […]
Father: Sultan Murad IIMother: Huma HatunPlace of Birth: EdirneDate of Birth: March […]
1- Considered among the oldest towers in the world and one of the symbols of Istanbul, […]
1-General Information Topkapi Palace is the residence of the Ottoman Sultans and the administrative and educational […]
1- The Yerebatan Cistern built by Emperor Justinian in 532 is also known as the Basilica […]
1-The Hagia Sophia-i Kebir Mosque, which is one of the most important monuments in the history […]
In order for foreigners to acquire Turkish citizenship: • Having the power of age and discrimination […]
1-Marmaray is a railway line connecting the Asian and European sides of Istanbul and passing under […]
Famous historian Strabo made an expedition 2000 years ago and named the area “Catacecaumene” in Kula […]
Ingredients for the Cupcake Recipe3 eggs1 glass of sugar1/2 (half) glass of milk1/2 (half) cup of […]
Calligraphy means “the art of writing Arabic script in a beautiful way (hüsn-i hat)”. The art […]
The term miniature is generally used for very finely processed small size pictures and this type […]