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The Museum of Anatolian Civilizations consists of two Ottoman buildings in the […]
Father: Sultan Murad IIMother: Huma HatunPlace of Birth: EdirneDate of Birth: March […]
Uludağ, which is one of the first symbols that comes to mind […]
Ingredients for the Cupcake Recipe3 eggs1 glass of sugar1/2 (half) glass of milk1/2 (half) cup of […]
SERVINGS  6 PREPARATION TIME 45 minutes COOKING TIME 25 minutes Ingredients   350 gramsbeef mince 300 […]
SERVINGS 5  PREPARATION TIME 35 minutes COOKING TIME 30 minutes Ingredients 3 big potatoes 2 banana […]
How to make Turkish coffee? There are four types of Turkish coffee service. 1 without sugar […]
SERVINGS 4  PREPARATION TIME 40 minutes COOKING TIME 45 minutes Ingredients 300 gramsgrape leaves 1 lemon […]