1- Blue Mosque was built by Sedefkar Mehmet Ağa, one of the students educated by Mimar Sinan in the 17th century.

2- There are 21 thousand 43 striking Iznik tiles on the walls of the mosque.

3- The wall surfaces, starting from the lower row of windows to the third row of windows, are covered with tiles. Especially the tiles on the walls of the mahfil are placed in the space in a way that does not tire the eye.

4- The prayer room part of the mosque is 64×72 meters in size. The 43-meter-high central dome has a diameter of 23.5 meters.

5- Since Sultan Ahmet, who built the mosque in the minarets, was the 16th Ottoman Sultan, there are 16 cheers. Together with the Blue Mosque complex, it is one of the largest building complexes in Istanbul.

6- This complex consists of a mosque, madrasahs, sultan’s palace, arasta, shops, bath, fountain, public fountains, tomb, hospital, primary school, almshouse and rental rooms. The tomb of Sultan Ahmet I was also built next to the mosque garden.


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